Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LTO Resgistration

This morning March 30, 2011; i able to register my car in LTO ParaƱaque, Tambo. unfortunately, the office of LTO moved in Domestic, near Cebu Pacific Domestic Airport.

we went to Tambo, early as 7:45am hoping that we able to finish the paperwork early as 9am, so the procedure starts. when we arrive tambo, i pull over my car in Emission test Center, right front of old LTO Office, they ask for my previous Car Registration, as it starts; he ask me to pay 400php for the emission test, and the man quickly ask to give them the old Car insurance told me to pay it 950php, in this procedure, you will know that the Emission test and the Car Insurance are already finish in a blink of an eye, when they saw my money. there is one employee there ask me if i'm the one who bring my papers in the office of LTO? he offered himself to be the one to bring my application in there office, and then he as me to pay 2,279php..

Why?? the car registration is only for 1,629php; why it's 2,279php??? this pig told me, he will pay all other fees in LTO, he itemize the amount; 1,629php for Car Registration 350 for Computerization Fee 200 for Stamp Fee (how stupid it is?!!) and last 100 for the guy doing stencil, this numb skull dumb thought that I'll get fool out of his STUPIDITY.

I personally went to LTO, and i line up my car for inspection and it only takes me a 30 minutes, then i pay 50php. ( I ONLY PAY 50php) for the inspection, when it's done i go to CSR to verify my papers, then i proceed to window 3 for assessment, after a few minutes they call my name and pay my Registration in window 8 for only 1,629.06 php, then sat for a few minutes again, wait for to be called. after been called, i went to window 9 for the Releasing.

Then i'm done...